International Handicrafts Show (IHS)

September 3, 2018by admin

International Handicrafts Show (IHS) 2018 came to create a global platform for handicrafts, based in Cairo for trade exchange, direct selling and a dialogue center for different civilizations and cultures among the participating countries, thus contributing to the development of economic and tourism resources and raising the standard of living and the social level of the population of these countries.

Industries and handicrafts constitute a major form of employment in many developing countries and in some countries constitute an important part of the export economy. The world’s handicrafts industry observers are predicting that the rising number of small businesses turning into handicraft production is unlikely to decline in the future. More specifically, artisans were defined as the second largest sector of rural employment after agriculture in many countries of the world. Crafts production crosses all sectors of the modern world economy. The production of artisans has flourished because handmade products offer many advantages: minimum capital to start work, flexible working hours, home-work ability and freedom to run their own businesses. Unlike many other forms of work, craft production can also provide a degree of autonomy for those who have limited access to the monetary economy. As a means of livelihood, crafts provide an ideal way for creative and independent entrepreneurs. In addition, they provide opportunities for seasonal employment and small production, and this industry is largely known for small and micro-industries.

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